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Streets of Zobeck PF1

Streets of Zobeck PF1
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Pathfinder 1st Edition
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Kobold Press
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Realm Works®
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Don’t Bring the Paladin Along on This One

It’s a dark night, a rain-slicked street, and a dead-end alley. No one notices one more puddle on the streets of a city like Zobeck, and no one will miss one more would-be schemer. If you want to get out of this city alive, you need to be quick, clever, and one step ahead. Being lucky never hurts either.

This collection of gritty, dark, and compromising adventures takes you into the seedy side with double-crossing merchants, femme fatales, corrupt councilors, and more. See the Free City’s most notorious den of iniquity, a rooftop garden of delights and dangers, and the underground market. Witness the lengths people will go to for lust, for greed, for revenge—and if you’re very lucky, get rich doing it.

• 7 adventures of underhanded rogues and shady deals
• 6 unusual locations such as the Cartways Black Market and Old Stross Bathhouse,
• 8 dark and desperate NPCs who populate these dirty corners, and
• dozens of new clockworks, magic, and equipment for your game world.

Realm Works Required