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HLO Patron Level (6 Months) Plus Classic

HLO Patron Level (6 Months) Plus Classic
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6 months
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1 Device(s)
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60-day Unconditional
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Includes Online service plus Classic license with one device code; Unlocks game on both Online and Classic platforms

Provides full access to the selected game system on both the Hero Lab Online and Classic platforms. All additional content purchased for the game system is unlocked on both platforms, as well. The included Classic license provides support for one device and persists even if the Online service lapses.

Created with GMs in mind, the Patron service builds on our Standard offering with the ability to enable content sharing in your campaigns. Sharing can be applied to up to four campaigns simultaneously, allowing everyone in those campaigns to share their purchased content.

The Patron service plan for new users provides six months of initial service at a $5 savings over the normal price and can be renewed at 6-month or 12-month intervals.

October 25, 2024 (UTC; Error retrieving local time zone)
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1 Device(s)
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