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Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide PF2

Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide PF2
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Pathfinder 2nd Edition
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Remember who you are! The Age of Lost Omens is filled with people of all types, including more than just those of common ancestries. Lost Omens Ancestry Guide places the spotlight on the Inner Sea's uncommon and rare ancestries (such as geniekin, androids, kitsune, and sprites), providing information on their cultures and place in the world. This package also expands features brand new ancestries and versatile heritages, along with some old Golarion favorites. The Lost Omens Ancestry Guide package includes:

• 6 New Ancestries
• 8 Versatile Heritages
• 55 Other Heritages
• 375 Feats
• 11 Weapons
• 2 Runes

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