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HLO Add Cohort (6 Months)

HLO Add Cohort (6 Months)
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Every adventure is better with a friend! The Cohort option ensures that one lucky individual you designate can use all your add-on* content to create characters on their account. This is ideal for a close friend, immediate family member, or even a dependent who has their own games to join. No matter who you bestow your loot upon, only one of you has to own the add-ons*, and both of you get to play.

Bestie breakup? Don't worry; no one is locked into sharing with the same friend for all eternity. Service periods are billed six months at a time for just $14.99, and you can change your Cohort once every 21 days.

Please Note: You may see a different price during checkout. This occurs because your first Cohort service period is always prorated for your convenience to align with the expiration date of your current Hero Lab Online service. If you continue sponsoring a Cohort after this period, the standard rate of $14.99 for six months applies and is billed alongside your chosen Hero Lab Online plan.

* Cohorts must have their own active Hero Lab Online Subscription to participate.

Hero Lab Online Required