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Alien Archive 4 SF1

Alien Archive 4 SF1
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Battle, befriend, or become more than 100 bizarre alien life forms in this all-new creature collection for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game! On countless worlds orbiting countless stars, strange and wonderful creatures await discovery. In this package you’ll find, creatures ranging from undead androids and robot dragons to deadly laser-spined flowers and mysterious sea skeletons. Many species include mechanics for making your own playable alien character, from beings made of coral to animals uplifted by sapient fungus to creatures truly bizarre to behold. You'll also find plenty of new equipment and player options, including a set of augmentations that allows your character to adopt the strange features of dozens of existing playable alien species. Explore the extraordinary with the following additions to your game:

• 12 PC races
• 164 various weapons, armors, gear, and augmentations
• 110 NPC races
• 5 brand new playable species from the Alien Character Deck (Gnoll, Grippli, Kitsune, Kobold, Samsaran)

Hero Lab Online Required