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Midgard Player’s Guide PF1

Midgard Player’s Guide PF1
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Pathfinder 1st Edition
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Kobold Press
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Begin Your Journey Through a Dark World of Deep Magic!

Here’s everything you need to find adventure in the wind-swept plains, frozen crags, and magic-blasted wastes of Midgard—a dark fantasy world flavored with the myths and folklore of Central Europe.


• Midgardian player character races, including elfmarked, kobolds, and trollkin
• Divine domains, mysteries, spells, and paladin codes
• Arcane schools, ley lines, elven high magic, rune magic, and more
• Regional magic items, mounts, and gear
• And much more!

Match wits with Baba Yaga, cross swords with minotaur corsairs, and travel the Shadow Roads to the glittering courts of the fey. There’s no better time to be a Midgardian hero!

Realm Works Required