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Designed for both players and collectors, Card Vault supports a diverse range of collectible card and miniatures games.

For the collector...
Card Vault enables users to easily track their collections, including their want lists, trade lists, and collection value. However, Card Vault is much more than just a simple database, offering facilities that are specifically designed to make inventory management quick and painless. And it's all managed through an efficient point-and-click interface.

For the player...
Card Vault offers a suite of powerful tools for deck design and tuning. Cards can be filtered and sorted on virtually any combination of criteria you want. You can view profiles of your deck, such as mana curves, resource costs, and other key information that influences a strong deck. You can view deck statistics, such as the average twilight cost, composition percentages, or the total build cost for suitable games. You can even track the probability of drawing card combinations, allowing you to tune your deck for any number of combinations. Card Vault also monitors your deck against the appropriate rules for the game, flagging all instances where your deck is invalid.

Data files determine the games supported...
At the heart of Card Vault is a general purpose engine for both inventory management and deck design, enabling Card Vault to adapt to the nuances of each game system. The particulars of each game system are encapsulated in a set of data files that Card Vault uses to configure itself for the game. These data files are separate from Card Vault and provided as free downloads that are retrieved directly by the product. Complete documentation on creating and/or customizing data files is also available in the form of the Authoring Kit.

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